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I'm a freelance manicurist based in Los Angeles and nail art is kinda my thing! Take a look at my portfolio or watch a video. I'm available for all of your nail care needs. Got a question? Click "Hey Mimi" and leave it there!


The perfect match to Pantone's color of the year GREENERY

Trends make the world go round. Not really, but when Pantone named "Greenery" the color of the year, all I could think was "Do I own a shade of green that matches that?" Luckily, I did. China Glaze's "Gaga For Green" is the perfect match to Pantone's 2017 color. 


This particular shade of green once applied, did not do it for me. I thought it looked odd on my skin tone. But Linda listen, once I applied a matte top coat... I was given INSTANT life! Gaga For Green is AMAZING matte. AMAZING! And with the price point being under $10, it's a way to stay on trend without dishing out hundreds or thousands of dollars on apparel.






China Glaze is available at Sally's Beauty Supply, Ulta, Walgreens or Duane Reade. You can also find CG's shades at Nail Supply or Beauty Supply stores. 

Greenery: Nail Art Concepts

2017... the year of the GREEN!