Hi. I'm Mimi!

I'm a freelance manicurist based in Los Angeles and nail art is kinda my thing! Take a look at my portfolio or watch a video. I'm available for all of your nail care needs. Got a question? Click "Hey Mimi" and leave it there!


2017... the year of the GREEN!

Hello 2017!

Another year means Pantone gets to rule our lives by telling us what the color of the year is. This year it's Greenery. And if you think like me, ain't nothing wrong with a little greenery. Especially if you're talking about money! Each year, people make the resolution to do something that will make them more money and I am not exempt from that. My goal is secure more partnerships with nail product companies and expand my creativity in any way possible. Each year I challenge myself to be better than the year before. This year I'm adopting the mantra is "Take the risk" 

I plan to do a lot of (calculated) risk taking, which if all goes to plan, will lead to more greenery.


The perfect match to Pantone's color of the year GREENERY

Abstract Smoke Tutorial