Hi. I'm Mimi!

I'm a freelance manicurist based in Los Angeles and nail art is kinda my thing! Take a look at my portfolio or watch a video. I'm available for all of your nail care needs. Got a question? Click "Hey Mimi" and leave it there!


Fall Look Book

Check out my first look book! It features some of my favorite shades for fall. Of course, there are shades that I wear all year round. But these are a special few that I save just for the autumnal weather. Enjoy!

Green: "Earth" by Nailing Hollywood. purchase here: http://bit.ly/2cQ99X4

Orange: "Yank My Doodle" by OPI. purchase at your local pharmacy

Nude: "Nature's Way" by Color Club. purchase here: http://bit.ly/2dejNu9


Fast 5: Fashion Week

I worked the BET Awards!