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I worked the BET Awards!

So here's what happened...

I'm at home relaxing and I get a text "Mimi, super last minute but are you available in the next hour for nails? I'm hosting the red carpet at the BET Awards..." Fast forward 20 minutes later to me filling in my brows in the back of a lyft. Nervous. Excited. Ready.

She showed me the dress prior to this lyft ride. So, I was able to select shades that would pair nicely with her dress. Once I arrived, I showed Maya the options and we were able to select 3 shades to perfectly match her red carpet look. We decided a vertical stripe mani using "Shop Girl" by Butter London, "Go Ginza", and "Haute As Hello" by Essie. I also decided to add some rose gold striping.

If anyone knows me artistically, they know that I am a perfectionist when it comes to lines. Being that Maya was going to be on the red carpet, I knew that these lines must be so straight that the design looks like a nail wrap. 

I love how awesome this mani looked with her dress!

For my first BET Awards Red Carpet, I'm pretty proud of these nails and myself. For pulling this together with next to no time. This is only my second job in LA! 



I'm very grateful to Maya for trusting me pull off her amazing red carpet look.


Until next year... :)

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