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polish colors you can wear all year long

Trends change with the seasons. Something can be "In" one day and "Out" the next. As a fashionista on the go, changing your polish everyday is a "No Go". It's important to have a few shades that go with whatever look you're pulling off that day. Below are a few shades you can pull off no matter what the weatherman says. 

White is one of those colors that I recommend to everyone regardless of the weather. It looks great on everyone. White polish mani's are classic, clean, and chic. It is definitely a top color choice during summer months, but it's starting to become more popular in the winter.

When in doubt, I always go with white. 

 Polish Options:                                            $: Salon Perfect "Sugar Cube" $3.98

 $$: Formula X "White Matter" $10.50

 $$$: NARS "Ecume" $20



                                                              Tiffany Blue. I'll never forget when China Glaze debuted "For Audrey". For a month straight, I found a way to incorporate that color into EVERY manicure. Surprisingly, this color can be paired with almost any other color. This blue is most popular in the spring. You can pull it off during the fall if paired with rich reds, hunter greens, and burnt oranges will always look amazing. It looks icy blue against a fresh snow. So if you wear in winter months you're in for a real treat. It's an amazing shade. 


 Polish Options:                                           $: China Glaze "For Audrey" $5.99 

 $$: Essie "Where's My Chauffeur?" $8.99 

 $$$: Mischo Beauty "Jackie" $18



Red. It's the ultimate go to. My personal go to no matter what time of year is a bright, blue toned, fire engine red. Many women love the orange toned red, but I just love how cool the blue toned reds look. I love wearing it in the summer time, reminds me of popsicles and fireworks. I love wearing it in the cooler months as it matches the leaves in autumn. A classic red manicure will always be stylish, no matter the temperature and no matter the outfit.

Polish Options:                                            $: Wet N Wild "Red Red' $.99

$$: Color Club "Cadillac Red" $8.50

$$$: NARS "Paradiso" $20.


If you want to stay on trend but not have to worry about changing your nail polish everyday, stick with either of these three choices. They're versatile shades that go with almost everything. As an honorable, but not really need to mention- nude is also a great option for nail polish. 

My suggestion: Wear whatever color makes you feel happy. No matter the season.

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