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Galore Magazine & Paris Hilton

I remember when Paris Hilton had a reality show where people competed to become her new best friend. I remember thinking "Man, it would be really cool to be best friends with her." Fast forward to almost a decade later, we're in the same room and I'm doing her nails. Crazy where life takes you right!?!

Paris Hilton is so different than what you see on tv. She's NOT a diva at all! She's very polite and her voice is NOT that soft, whispery voice that you hear on tv. She sounds...like a normal person, because she is a normal person. 

From a manicurist's perspective, doing her nails was piece of cake. Her nails were in pretty good shape. She stayed relatively still. We did have one smudge to fix, but that's still a success in my book! We used two colors for this shoot. We used "Relentless" a bright pink creme from Formula X. We also used "UV Meant To Be" a bright blue creme shade from China Glaze.

Overall, it was an awesome experience. The crew was awesome and Paris was awesome. I learned a lot about her by reading her interview. Check it out and also see the rest of the amazing photos! 

Galore magazine interview with Paris Hilton: http://bit.ly/2fBxpgU 

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Abstract Smoke Tutorial

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