Hi. I'm Mimi!

I'm a freelance manicurist based in Los Angeles and nail art is kinda my thing! Take a look at my portfolio or watch a video. I'm available for all of your nail care needs. Got a question? Click "Hey Mimi" and leave it there!


American Salon

Mimi Wilson (nailsbymimi.tumblr.com)—a 30-year-old manicurist whose work regularly appears at New York Fashion Week, and Cosmopolitan magazine’s Mani Wars champion—wanted people to stand up and take notice of nail art. Her solution: create one day specifically dedicated to the craft. In 2013, Wilson announced on social media that August 3rd was International Nail Art Day, and her declaration instantly took off. Thousands of nail artists, bloggers and salons posted photos for INAD, using the hashtag #inad. And, the INAD tradition has continued ever year. “I realized that INAD was blowing up when I received posts and photos from France, Ecuador and India,” says Wilson. “Nail art lovers from all over the world are coming together celebrating their creativity. And nothing could make me happier.”